Our Programs

Lead4Tomorrow has a number of violence prevention leadership projects in various stages of planning and operation in our three priority regions – the United States, Central/Eastern Africa and Latin America. These include:

Family Hui International

Family Hui offers a unique program of family education and peer support for developing and sustaining healthy and thriving families. Family Hui supports organized, community-based, positive parenting, peer-led groups to address the challenges of raising young children. The Hui model has been proven to contribute to healthier families and community […]

Family Hui USA

How Family Hui Works   Enroll in the Program:  Families contact Family Hui and add their name to the waiting list. While on the waiting list, families can participate in other regularly scheduled Hui activities. ↓ Connect With Families:  Family Hui matches the potential participant with a group, based on a  child’s […]

Cross-Sector Leadership Networks and Forums

Working with leaders from various sectors – government, business, security and nonprofits – is critical to making progress to eliminate violence and killing. Several cross-sector, collective leadership initiatives are underway, with a major initiative targeting Guatemala to model cross-sector partnerships.