Our Mission:

To develop sound families, thriving communities, and a more peaceful world

Our Vision:

A world where all people can flourish free from oppression and violence

Lead4Tomorrow’s primary Strategies to affect change include:

Developing Violence Prevention Leaders:

  • Help every person understand and act on what they can do each day to be a violence prevention leader;
  • Expand the number of leaders committed to sustainable, just and peaceful societies through capacity-building leadership forums;
  • Expand the international network of violence prevention leaders.

Supporting Healthy Families (primarily accomplished through our Family Hui program):

  • Support “family leadership” with effective models of positive parenting, upholding the value of each child, protecting children from violence while preparing them to become contributing members of society;
  • Educate, equip and mentor young people on approaches and leadership skills needed to combat violence in their everyday lives.

Building Action Networks:

  • Establish and support cross-sector collaboration to address the root causes of pervasive violence;
  • Effectively utilize social media to raise awareness and mobilize action to prevent violence.